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Welcome to my latest project. Please be patient, in a moment a java applet should load above this text. The main idea I came up with is to use a JavaScript applet to create a rotating three dimensional cube to be used for navigation. The images will soon be linked to pages of smiley clipart. All smileys on this site are my original artwork created using Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady. Move your mouse cursor slowly over the cube and its rotation will roughly follow the movement of the mouse. Click once to bring any of the faces forward. Once a face is locked forward it can be double clicked to link to its assigned URL. A single click will cause the face to recede and rotation will start again. This page is currently in the planning and construction phase.

Well, about those smileys. Most are yellow and have great big smiles. But, like people, each one can have there own personality and look. There are different smiles, colors, a few have frowns, some have glasses or hair. Also there are couples, most are happy, they can be friends or lovers. As soon as they are finished they will be uploaded from my files to the server and the page URL's will be linked to each of the six sides of the cube. Thanks for Visiting!